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We've recently posted a series of articles to give a better understanding for the various communities that comprise the full array of the alternative & adult culture. The full body of work can be seen here:
Brought to you by Richard A.D. & The Metro Underground...

Our intentions are simple: to serve as a fundamental gateway for the entire spectrum of the alternative, underground, & adult scene (for DC, Baltimore, & the Mid-Atlantic Region), to lift the fog for what's going on in & around the area, assist the promotion of the scene as a whole, & ultimately to provide a forum through which that bridges can be built - from one culture to another, & from one group to the next.

We hope you check it out...

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1 on 1 - Meeting individuals to play only with each other vs. as a couple in a group scenario.
24/7 - Doing something as a complete lifestyle: 24 hrs./day, 7 days/wk.
420 - Code for the use of Marijuana (refers to April 20th, a.k.a. 4/20 - the national 'smoke out'). 
69 - A couple engaged in simultaneous oral sex, he licking her while she's sucking him both at the same time.
AC/DC - A term meaning that an individual 'goes both ways' or is otherwise Bisexual.
Age Play - Roll play involving age related scenarios: step-dad/daughter, teacher/student, etc…
Air Tight - A semi-rude slang meaning the act of Triple Penetration.
Amateur Pornography - Making 'non-professional' adult videos for private use or public distribution.
Anal Sex - Anal Intercourse.
Anal Beads - A string of beads placed into the anus, then to heighten arousal they are pulled out during orgasm.
Anal Plugs - The use of ‘dildo-type’ implements in the anus during scene play or under garments in public.
Anallingus - Orally licking & teasing one’s anus.
Asphyxiation - The control of one’s breathing to heighten orgasm (note that this is a very dangerous practice).
Ass Play - Anal play with hands, toys, etc. Can be meant to tease or as full penetration.

Back Rippers - Ripping & scratching nails into the skin at the height of erotic intensity.
Ball Stretchers - A leather harness to firmly tighten & stretch the balls, or with weighted attachments.
Bareback - Unprotected Anal Sex.
B&D - Bondage & Discipline.
Bears - A term used predominantly in the gay community to describe a heavy-set & usually hairy man.
Beastiality - To be sexually engaged with animals.
BBW - Big Beautiful Woman: describing a large framed or usually overweight individual.
BDSM - All inclusive term used to describe the Bondage/Discipline, Sado-Masochism, & Fetish Cultures.
Ben-wha Balls - Balls placed into the vagina that contort & convulse as a person moves about.
Bettie Page - Model in the 1950's that gave full rise to current trends in BDSM, Gothic, & Fetish Fashion.
Bi / Bisexual - Having sexual interest in both men & women. In personals you might see 'BiWM' for Bi White Male.
Biting - The act of clenching down with the teeth erotically.
Blood-Sports (cutting) - The extreme act of actually cutting & drawing blood as used in BDSM scene play.
Blow Job - Sucking dick / Getting sucked.
Bondage - The use of personal restraint for erotic play (be it scarves in bed, ropes, chains, or hand-cuffs).
Bondage: Full Suspension - Bondage involving being fully suspended off the floor.
Bottom - If used in BDSM it refers to a Submissive; if the Gay/Bi Culture it refers to one who receives anal sex.

Branding - Actually scaring a subject in some manner: used as a means to ‘mark’ your sub in the BDSM culture.
Breast Torture - The causing of torment to one’s breasts.
Breath Play - The control of one’s breathing to heighten orgasm (note that this is a very dangerous practice).
Bukkake - Multiple partners essentially giving one subject a cum-bath with multiple ejaculations.

Caging - To imprison someone for the purpose of BDSM scene play.
Caning - A bamboo or similar type of rod used to beat a subject (generally on the hind).
Caressing - Gently touching another with hands, feathers, silk, etc.
Catheters - Using medical device that follows the urinary tract into the bladder (Note: this is highly advanced play).
CBT - Cock & Ball Torture: the torment of ones cock &/or balls for BDSM scene-play.
Chains - Using chains as a means for bondage & as implements in BDSM scene play.
Chapps - Leather covers for the legs with an open crotch area (derives from cowboy attire) .
Chastity Belts - A mid-evil belt that is able to lock one’s genitalia & inhibit sexual activity.
Christine - Pseudonym for Crystal Meth. (Methamphetamine - a very powerful & addictive upper).
Clothespins - Using multiple clothespins to pinch the skin in various tender locations for BDSM scene play.
Cock & Ball Torture - The torment of ones cock &/or balls for BDSM scene-play.
Cock Rings - A strap or harness around the cock &/or balls. Think of it as a wunder-bra for men.
Collar & Lead - Putting a leash on another as a show of total submission.
Corporal Punishment - Punishing another / being punished for bad behavior.
Corsets - Victorian style garment worn to essentially pull in & tighten the waist.
Creampie - A vagina covered in or filled with cumshot.
Cross Dresser - The act of a man dressing as a woman / woman dressing as a man for the purpose of gender bending.
Cumshots - A man's ejaculation.
Cum Swapping - Cumming in one person's mouth & then 'swapping' it out into another person.
Cunnilingus - Licking a woman's pussy / giving head to a woman.
Cut - A term used to describe a man who is circumcised:  i.e. 'are you cut or uncut?'
Cutting - The extreme act of actually cutting & drawing blood as used in scene play.
Cyber Relationship - A person who has no real interest in meeting. They just want email exchange. 

D&S - Dominance (controlling another) & Submission (being controlled).
Deep Throat - Sucking dick deeply & fully, all the way down.
Dildos - A soft plastic or synthetic penis, but it carries NO capacity as a vibrator.
Discipline - Punishing another for bad behavior (Corporal Punishment).
Doggy Style - A woman on all 4's being penetrated from behind.
Domestication - Submissively / Erotically serving as a house servant for BDSM & Role Play.
Double Penetration - Two men having intercourse with one person (vaginal/anal, oral/vaginal, both vaginal, etc.).
DP - Double Penetration: The act of two men simultaneously having intercourse with one individual.  

Edge Play - Extreme forms of play (usually in a BDSM scene). Acting out elements of play that "take it to the Edge."
Electric Shock - Using electricity as a means to torment or torture a subject in BDSM scene play.
Enemas - The fetish based interest to use enemas in scene play (filling the anus with water).
Exhibitionism - The desire / act of being watched during intimate encounters.

Facials - Cumming on one’s mouth & all over one’s face.
Farm Play - Slang for beastiality: to be sexually engaged with animals.
Fetish - An explicit attraction toward a particular desire.
Fetish Attire - Explicitly obvious attire that has a direct overtone to the BDSM community.
Fire Play - Using fire in scene play (an advanced technique in BDSM).
Fisting - Whole hand penetration into the vagina or anus.    
Flogging / Flogger - Whipping with a cat-o-nine tails (also called a flogger). Also used to describe the act of jerking off.
Foot Fetish / Foot Worship - A fetish based arousal focused on one’s feet (boot worship follows in the same line).
Forced Masturbation - Forcing one to manually please themselves for a master’s voyeuristic pleasure.
Forced Orgasm Control - Forcing one to not orgasm or to orgasm on command.
Forced Prostitution - Forcing one to act as a prostitute (meant as ‘actual’ prostitution & not scene play).
Foreplay - The act of sexual & erotic intimacy prior to intercourse.
Foreskin - The additional skin of an uncircumcised penis.
Foursomes - Having sex with 4 partners together (usually 2 couples), vs. 'swapping' (2 over here & 2 over there).
French Maid - Sexual role play or fetish attire representing ‘Maid’ & servant type scenarios.
Fucking - A crass slang for intercourse.
Full Suspension - Bondage involving being fully suspended off the floor.

Gags (strap/cloth) - Using a leather or similar fabric-style strap as a gag over the mouth.
Gags (horse-bit/ball-gags) - Using a horse-bit or ball & strap as a gag over the mouth.
Gang Bang - Having many partners for 1 or 2 people (say 4 or more partners for 1 person).
Garter Belts - Lingerie attire used to hold up one's stockings.
Going Down - Giving oral sex to someone.
Golden Showers (water sports) - The act of ‘piss play’ or pissing as used in erotic play.
Gothic - Very Dark Sub-culture often with overtones of BDSM &/or Vampires.

Head (Giving or Getting Head) - Giving or getting oral sex.
Hedonist - A person who lives a lifestyle purely for the purpose of physical pleasure & sexual gratification.
Hermaphrodite - A very rare mutation causing an individual to be born with both male & female sexual organs.
Heterosexual - Only having interest in the opposite sex.
Hoods / Hooded Gear - Hoods that cover the whole head (usually leather or latex) for BDSM scene play.
Horse ('the horse') - A wooden torture device that rides up under the crotch & cuts into a woman's vagina.
Hot Wax - Using hot wax drizzled on the bare skin for erotic scene play.
Hot Wax & Daggers - To drizzle hot wax on a subject, then carve it off with a dagger in BDSM scenario.
Human Art - To be made into (or create) ‘human art’ that will be thus put on display.
Humiliation - To denigrate someone for the purpose of personal embarrassment in BDSM scenarios.

Ice - Using Ice &/or frozen objects for erotic play. Can also mean a person is emotionally cruel or sexually repressed.
Infantilism - Roll-playing an infant; a need based in the desire to relent total control & be nurtured.
Intercourse - Having sex with full vaginal penetration -or- anal intercourse would be full anal penetration.
Inter-racial - Sexual relations by interracial partners (usually seen as black & white).

Japanese Rope Bondage - Extremely intricate use of rope to tie & bind a subject.
Jerking Off - To manually masturbate to the point of orgasm.
John Holmes - Porno Star in the 1970's who had a 13.5" dick. Sometimes referred to as 'hung like John Holmes.'

Knife Play - Playing with knives in a BDSM scene but not to the extent of actually drawing blood.

Leather - The fetish based desire for leather (clothing, articles of leather, the general look & feel).
Latex - The fetish based desire for Latex (clothing, as well as the general look & feel).
Lifestyle - Living a particular way as a complete lifestyle 24/7, be it fetish, BDSM, Hedonistic, or Swingers, etc...
Lifestyle Culture - The Swinger Community.
Lingerie - Just Think Victoria Secret or Frederick of Hollywood.
Liquid Latex - A liquid base that can be 'painted' onto a person & when dry will form a latex based body covering.

Masochism - The basic desire to receive pain (& in our context, to do so as a means to sexual arousal).
Massage - Giving or receiving erotic back rubs &/or full body massage, foot rubs, etc.
Masturbation - Hand-jobs / manual pleasure, be it on a man or woman, for stimulation or full release.
Medical Scene - Sexual scene play involving Medical scenarios (Nurse, Doctor's Exam, etc.).
Meet & Greet - A forum to meet others & get to know them personally: either a club venue or a set time at a party.
Ménage Trios - A Threesome: three partners having sex together.
Mid-Evil Torture - Using diabolical torture devices in scene play.
Missionary - A woman on her back being penetrated by a man on top (refers to the proper 'Christian' way of sex).
Monogamy - Maintaining total sexual commitment to only one partner in an intimate relationship.
Mummification - Wrapping one’s body completely (say in saran wrap) as a means to restriction.  
Mutual Masturbation - Each person masturbating on their own while watching the other.

Natural - Used to describe a woman who doesn't shave any aspect of her body hair -or- who hasn't had breast augmentation.
Necrophilia - The sexual arousal by or sexual engagement of dead people - okay here, even we think you need therapy...
Nipple Clamps - Small clamps used to pinch the nipples or lips of the vagina (sometimes weighted).
Not Passable - A cross-dresser who is still very noticeably of the same sex.

Office (Playing 'Office') - Sexual scene play revolving around the office (perhaps even actually IN the office).
Off Premise - Describes a meet & greet swing or fetish club that allows NO actual sexual activity 'on the premises'.
On Premise - Describes a swing or fetish club that DOES allow full sexual activity 'on the premises'.
Open Relationships - A committed couple emotionally, but open to sharing sexual & personal relations with others.
Oral Sex - Sucking dick / Licking pussy / going down on someone / giving head.
Orgies - Having multiple mixed partners together in one big jumble; usually seen as a group of 5 or more.
OTK - Over the Knee Spanking, usually means bare handed; sometimes a paddle is used.

Pansexual - Open to all levels of sexual orientation, be it men, women, or transgender.
Panties - A fetish based arousal focused toward a fixation on underwear & panties.
PassableA cross-dresser who is able to actually ‘pass’ as the opposite sex.
Pedophile - A predator based sexual orientation enunciating the desire for children - please seek help...
Pig Bottom - Someone who just wants to be sexually used in every conceivable manner.
PNP - Party & Play: used to describe someone who's looking to do drugs & then have sex.
Polyamorous - Multiple partners sharing in one committed relationship (not to be confused with swinging).
Pony Games - Roll play where people are forced to take on the actions & characteristics of a horse.
Poppers - An inhalant used to create a quick rush & heighten sexual arousal (note that these ARE legal).
Pornography / Porno - Watching or making adult movies as a means to arousal.
Pro - Describes someone who makes their living as a sex worker or who is very good in bed: "She's a Pro." 
Prostitution Scene - Sexual scenarios involving prostitution (vs. actual or forced prostitution).
PSM / PSF - Professional Single Male (or Female if PSF): used specifically in personal ads. May see PSWM, etc.

Queer - A term meaning one is gay; or as used in the gay community to mean really feminine in character.

Rape Scene - Sexual scene play involving a staged fantasy rape (usually with some degree of heightened violence).
Raunch - Used to describe the desire for some form of progressive extreme fetish such as watersports or scat.
Real Time - Internet term meaning that someone wants to meet in person.
Riding Crops - Using an equestrian whip to spank a subject.
Rimming - Orally licking & teasing one’s anus.
Roll Play - Acting out a particular role as means to set the scene for sex.

Sadism - The basic desire to cause pain (& in our context, to do so as a means to sexual arousal).
S&M - Sadism & Masochism: giving & receiving pain for the sake of erotic intensity & ultimately pleasure.
SAM / SAF - Single Asian Male (or Female if SAF - sometimes you'll see SW/AF): used in personal ads. 
SBM / SBF - Single Black Male (or Female if SBF): used in personal ads. 
Scarification - The desire to use cutting or branding as a means to become bodily scarred.
Scat - The extreme fetish of using one’s feces during erotic engagements.
School Girl - Describes a particular mode of attire: think Catholic school girl (note: this has nothing to do with kids).
Scratching - Ripping & scratching nails into the skin to increase intensity.
Shaving - Shaving one’s pubic hair &/or body hair.
Silk / Silk Scarves - Using silk to increase arousal. Also meant as an attraction to silk attire & lingerie.
Single Tail Whip - A leather whip of similar characteristic to that of a bull-whip but generally smaller.
Slavery - Having a Dom/sub relationship in a context where one's master actually has full ownership over his slave.
Smooth - Term used to describe a man or woman who is completely shaved & free of body &/or pubic hair.
Spanking - Slapping one's hind end with bare hand, paddle, or strap.
Speculum - A gynecological instrument used to spread open the vagina during exams (or anus).
Spit - Just what it sounds like, spitting on another person & being aroused by it.
Squirters - A women who has a pronounced ejaculate during orgasm.
St. Andrew's Cross - Bondage device used in BDSM: a cross in the form of an 'X'.
Stilettos - A leather boot with a very high heel that comes down to a fairly fine point.
Stockings - The fetish-based attraction to stockings be it sheer, fishnets, or designer.
Swallowing - Orally pleasing another & swallowing their cum.
Swapping - Two couples switching partners, sometimes in the same room, sometimes apart from one another.
Swingers - Those people participating in open sexual relationships & who are involved in the Lifestyles Community.
Spandex - The fetish-based desire for form fitting spandex (clothing, as well as the general look & feel).
Strap - Being whipped/beaten with a belt or strap in BDSM scene play.
Strap-on - A G-String Harness with dildo attachment (usually worn by women).
Suction Devices - Used to pinch & torment tender areas of the body (similar to clothespins) in BDSM scene play.
SWM / SWF - Single White Male (or Female if SWF - sometimes you'll see SW/AF): used in personal ads. 
Switches - A strong reed, branch, or whip type of rod used to beat a subject (generally on the hind).

Tantric - The art of Kama Sutra & Yoga-based sexual practices (this doesn’t mean just having good sex!).
Teasing - Prolonged Foreplay.
TG - Transgender (an individual who is actively/surgically changing his or her sexual gender). TS is the same thing.
Threesomes (ménage trios) - Three partners together.
Toilet Games - Usually defined as watersports. Can also be used to mean scene play in the bathroom.
Top - If used in BDSM it refers to a Dominant; if in Gay/Bi Culture it refers to one who does the fucking.

Toys - Using vibrators & various adult marital aids during sex.
TP - Triple Penetration (see below).
Transgender - An individual who is actively/surgically changing his or her sexual gender. Same as Transsexual.
Transsexual - An individual who is actively/surgically changing his or her sexual gender. Same as Transgender.
Transvestite - A cross-dresser. Not to be confused w/ Transsexuals who are surgically/sexually altered.
Trimmed - Usually used to describe someone who has manicured but not completely shaved pubic hair.
Triple Penetration - A woman being penetrated orally, vaginally, & anally by 3 separate men.
TS - Transsexual (an individual who is actively/surgically changing his or her sexual gender). TG is the same thing.
TS/TG - An all inclusive term used to describe a Transsexual / Transgender individual or the community as a whole.

Uncut - A term used to describe a man who is Uncircumcised:  i.e. 'are you cut or uncut?'

Vampire Fetish / Vampirism - The drinking of or using blood in scene play (vs. cutting).
Vibrators - Vibrating adult toys being used for a variety of capable possibilities to stimulate & please.
Videography - Making adult videos for private use or public distribution.
Voyeurism - Watching others in sexual or erotic activity, often with little or no personal active participation.

Watching - The general desire for voyeurism with no active participation.
Water Sports (golden showers) - The act of ‘piss play’ or pissing as used in erotic play.
Whips - A leather whip of similar characteristic to that of a bull-whip or sometimes used to refer to a flogger.
Worship (cock or pussy worship) - To act as if one's cock or pussy is worthy of worship as if to practice idolatry.
Wrestling - Erotically wrestling as a means to fun/arousal, or for domination.

ZZZZ - Honey, I'm asleep. Leave me alone...